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ISTET 2001

XI. International Symposium on Theoretical Electrical Engineering, August 19th-22nd, 2001 Linz, Austria

The ISTET conference series is devoted to research and education in both theory and applications of electromagnetic fields, electrical circuits and networks, and the control of electromagnetic systems. Until now, progress in modern technology has led to new challenges, which finally resulted in new applications and improved the theoretical concepts. To bridge the gap between these areas special emphasis will be laid on the common theoretical aspects being involved. Last but not least adequate representations of fields, circuits and control systems in our university courses should be discussed continuously paying special attention to multimedia aspects.

Technical papers describing original work in research, development and application in fields, circuits and control systems of the following topics are solicited:

Numerical and symbolic computation methods

  • methods in field theory (static, stationary, instationary)

  • computer algebra methods

  • numerical algorithms

  • and other subjects


  • nonlinear circuits and systems

  • microelectronic circuits

  • mobile communication aspects

  • control systems technology

  • electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) aspects

  • electrical drives and power systems

  • and other subjects

Signal processing and identification aspects

  • nonlinear dynamics and signal processing

  • mixed description of fields/circuits and signals

  • signal processing algorithms and their implementation

  • classical and nonclassical aspects in identification theory

  • and other subjects

Theoretical concepts

  • nonlinear control systems

  • mathematical modeling aspects

  • multivariable large-scale systems

  • lumped and distributed parameter systems

ISTET2001 Innovative educational aspects
  • new ideas for teaching fields, circuits and control

  • multimedia and internet aspects in education

  • and other subjects

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