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Workshop of Prof. Fliess 2002

December 03rd-05th 2002, Linz, Austria

Algebraic Methods in Control: Theory and Practice

Workshop Fliess Summary of the workshop:
We will be presenting new trends in control theory which, like flatness, have demonstrated a remarkable applicability to concrete case-studies. We will be reviewing questions stemminng from predictive control, PID regulators, on-line identification, etc. The mathematical tools which are mainly of algebraic flavour will be carefully studied. The theory will beillustrated by many examples.

Summary of the lecture:
We are presenting "state reconstructors" which might be a possible alternative to asymptotic observers and Kalman filtering. They do not necessitate the integration of any differential equation and are robust with respect to a large variety of perturbations. When those perturbations are random noises, no precise knowledge of their statistical properties is required.

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